Sport with cold: what foods to drink?

Winter sport drink

Do you know how the heat may influence our body while we play sports? I am pretty sure you have heard about it on many occasions. But, do you know what happens to your body when you practice sports in a cold environment? In this articles we will discuss the foods are we going toRead More

How to Conquer Addiction

If you are suffering from addiction, then it may be difficult to see a way out. Here are some ways that you can begin your recovery process, and start yourself on track to a new beginning.

5 home remedies for sinusitis

remedies for sinusitis

The sinusitis is an inflammation of mucous and sinus produced for various reasons. For example, viral or bacterial infections, dental problems, allergies, fungi, etc. It produces very annoying and painful symptoms and can even cause fever. The pain is felt in the forehead and nose but can reach the mouth and ears. Sinusitis can beRead More


How to relieve leg pain during pregnancy? 5 useful tips

leg pain during pregnancy

Practicing some exercises and healthy habits can help relieve leg pain during pregnancy. This symptom, which tends to worsen in the last trimester, is usually due to fluid retention and the circulatory difficulties of this stage. It is described as a feeling of tension in the lower part of the body, often accompanied by cramps orRead More