The secret of a balanced and nutritious breakfast

balanced breakfast

Adequate food is essential to help you achieve your good health and this starts with a proper breakfast. In this article, we will discuss the secret of a balanced and nutritious breakfast. A balanced breakfast has been associated with increased the physical and intellectual performance and optimal some vital nutrients. A well-balanced diet will beRead More


How to brush your teeth after an extraction

When we extract a tooth or a tooth need time to recover, and any measures that we undertake after the intervention can facilitate or hinder the recovery process in the area. Fortunately, the mouth is one of the fastest areas to heal, however, we must be careful when brushing to avoid getting hurt in theRead More


Weeks of Pregnancy

In the weeks of pregnancy from the first day that you confirm these pregnant. There are many signs and changes that will take place during this time in your body as a woman, with a weekly development that normally if not a premature baby lasts over 9 months. Having finished with fertility tests and pregnancyRead More


Schizophrenia Symptoms

The symptoms of schizophrenia can be broadly divided into three types – positive, negative and cognitive. The terms positive and negative might seem confusing in relation to schizophrenia. In Surviving Schizophrenia: A Family Manual, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey explains that the adjective “positive” denotes those symptoms which are present and should be absent, and “negative”Read More

More education to combat dementia

Some recent studies suggest that the risk of age – related dementia may have declined in some high – income countries in recent decades. That’s what seems to be happening in England and now a study published in J AMA Internal Medicine points in the same direction, but now in the United States, where dementiaRead More

Alzheimer: Shrugging and pretend is not the solution …

The announcement of the Christmas lottery this year has hurt many sensitivities. Elderly and pensioners associations have shown their displeasure. Some Alzheimer’s Association has tried to capitalize on what has already been released to highlight that “cluelessness” Carmina is a symptom of alert. And far from disguising and shrug, you have to make an appointmentRead More