Too many drugs for seniors

It’s called polypharmacy and is the tendency to take large amount of medicinal species from the elders who ingest approximately 10 tablets per day. It is a dangerous habit and often useless because many of the drugs are completely superfluous. Because many older people take drugs? The answer is not as categorical as it mightRead More


Music therapy during pregnancy to relax and talk to the baby

For several years, many facilities also offer expectant mothers prenatal courses of music therapy during pregnancy. For pregnant women, in fact, music can be a tool through which to relax, achieve psychological well-being feelings and talk with the child she is carrying. Therefore, in addition to a traditional prenatal course, it can be interesting toRead More


Healthy man with prevention

While women are informed and book routine medical visits, the man remains sluggish and underestimates the importance of prevention to protect their health. At the age of 40, all men should undergo a series of medical tests to detect early times, the presence of suspicious symptoms of andrological diseases.


Prepare for childbirth: The suitcase for the hospital for mother and baby

Prepare the room, buy the stroller, the clothes and all that will serve the new arrival: there are many things on which a future mother has to concentrate during pregnancy to prepare to welcome the baby. When the expected date of delivery approaches, arrives the time for the mother to arrange the suitcase for theRead More



Insomnia There are one or two things in life which are certain and unavoidable, one of those things is that we all need to sleep in order to be able to function properly.  It is a fact that you can survive three times as long without food as you can without sleep.

What are the best natural relaxants

The most effective natural relaxants found in certain plants, discover them here with their disadvantages is also good to know. What are soothing natural? By relaxing natural we refer to plants that have sedative effects states of nervousness, anxiety or stress. They also help to sleep because it is more restful and deep, which isRead More

Treating Physical Difficulties

Now a days the health problems related to joints and bones has increased drastically among which the major cases are concerned with the misalignment of spine. There are various reasons behind this health issue but since it is becoming so common, specials doctors and specific treatments for its cure has been introduced who have gainedRead More