FDA recommendation of kratom

Kratom is known as an effective herbal tree from a long time ago. In Southeast Asia and pacific islands people first start to using kratom in their regular life. At first they collected kratom for their own purpose. But when they invented the magical herbal effects of kratom in their body they starting to cultivateRead More

5 herbal antidepressants

There are several effective herbal antidepressants, as well as depression and depression. It is usually necessary to take the antidepressant herbs daily for several weeks. There is already a continuation to this list, in which we introduce you 5 more natural antidepressants! The herbs improve when they work, the general mood and mood. Many plantsRead More

4 easy sexual health tips that everyone should follow

Some sexual health tips are really easy to follow and will make sure that you keep yourself free of unwanted pregnancy and infection, and enjoying a happy sex life. So here’s your sexual health MOT, starting with four key tips. Image Credit 1. Keep condoms in stock You know what kind of condom you preferRead More

Sleep Better by Changing These Bedtime Routines

When a person feels overwhelmed by the anxieties of life, it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep. This is especially true when a person is affected by natural disasters, like hurricane Florence. Even though sleep may not come easily, in order to enjoy good physical, mental, and emotional health, it is absolutelyRead More

5 Safe Ways to Get a Better Night of Sleep

Safe Ways to Get a Better Night of Sleep

Getting a full night of restful sleep can be difficult for some people. Stress, anxiety and certain health conditions can inhibit normal sleep patterns and cause insomnia. Prescription sleep medications can sometimes help, but these medicines can also have some unpleasant side effects. Anyone who’s looking for an alternative to getting a better night ofRead More

Sexual performance anxiety: how to feel less anxiety

sexual performance anxiety

Demonstrating a good sexual performance anxiety is one of the main objectives when having sex, but what happens when this task is harmed by psychological factors, considering that the sexual act is primarily a mental fact? The sexual performance anxiety is a clinical picture that is characterized by the high level of stress and anguishRead More


Be Smart, Get Tested

You might think you’d know straight away if you had a sexually transmitted infection. However, many people have no symptoms, feel fine and would have no idea they have contracted an infection. If you are sexually active then it’s worth getting tested, whether or not you feel any symptoms. The earlier something gets noticed, theRead More