Top 10 Spa Treatments

Nowadays it is normal to hear that people are stressed because of work, the economy, family life, social and personal life, which often makes it easier to contract chronic or difficult to treat, as well As a successive wear on the body and mind. That is why taken to a SPA for relaxation. It isRead More

Cracked heels, causes and remedies

Cracked heels are an aesthetic problem but also a sign of dehydration. That’s why it happens and what are the remedies. Cracked heels are a very common aesthetic problem and difficult to hide, especially between spring and summer when, in the heat, your feet leave the closed shoes to come out. The chap is theRead More


Habits That Can Ruin Your Skin

Ruin Your Skin

Establishing skin care routine is important for a healthy flawless skin. However, there are habits that can ruin your skin even when you are maintaining your skin routine. Eliminating these unhealthy habits gives you more space for healthy, acne or cellulite free skin.