How to burn abdominal fat by walking? Follow this plan!

How to burn abdominal fat

Peoples often want to know how to burn abdominal fat with the easiest way possible. Here we have presented this progressive walk plan to eliminate abdominal fat faster. This plan was created by Jessica Smith, a certified personal trainer and creator of training programs such as “Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat”. When it comesRead More


Eat fatty meat? How many calories does it bring

fatty meat

In recent years, the so-called hyper- protein diets have been gaining in popularity, consisting of high-protein diets that are “forbidden” or reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, indispensable in healthy and balanced nutrition. As with any aspect of nutrition, it is often customary for many weight loss diets to have a myriad of myths or beliefsRead More


Paleo diet for weight loss – Does it help?

myths about aging

Statistical data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that more than 79 million people and this is approximately one-third of the adult population in the United States suffer from chronic ailments that include Type II diabetes, heart ailments, and obesity. As such, more and more people are turning to diet plansRead More