Too many drugs for seniors

It’s called polypharmacy and is the tendency to take large amount of medicinal species from the elders who ingest approximately 10 tablets per day. It is a dangerous habit and often useless because many of the drugs are completely superfluous. Because many older people take drugs? The answer is not

Aesthetics oncology after reconstructive surgery

The reconstructive plastic surgery is the branch of surgery aimed at the reconstruction of parts of the body affected by malformations or external agents. More and more people – especially women – are undergoing reconstructive plastic surgery after facing some cancer therapies. The mastectomy is among the most invasive cancer

Femoral fracture

The femur is the longest and most massive bone of the human body, it connects the hip to the knee and supports the body weight either standing or moving. With the expression “head of the femur” refers to the end of the bone that it connects with the hip creating

Healthy man with prevention

While women are informed and book routine medical visits, the man remains sluggish and underestimates the importance of prevention to protect their health. At the age of 40, all men should undergo a series of medical tests to detect early times, the presence of suspicious symptoms of andrological diseases.

Orthorexia, the obsession with healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet is the most effective way to stay in shape and also prevent serious diseases such as cancer. Being constantly in search of the perfect diet is, however, a little healthy behavior. It is called orthorexia, the obsession with healthy diet. Next to the classic Mediterranean diet,

Cracked heels, causes and remedies

Cracked heels are an aesthetic problem but also a sign of dehydration. That’s why it happens and what are the remedies. Cracked heels are a very common aesthetic problem and difficult to hide, especially between spring and summer when, in the heat, your feet leave the closed shoes to come


Insomnia There are one or two things in life which are certain and unavoidable, one of those things is that we all need to sleep in order to be able to function properly.  It is a fact that you can survive three times as long without food as you can