Orthorexia, the obsession with healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet is the most effective way to stay in shape and also prevent serious diseases such as cancer. Being constantly in search of the perfect diet is, however, a little healthy behavior. It is called orthorexia, the obsession with healthy diet. Next to the classic Mediterranean diet,

Cracked heels, causes and remedies

Cracked heels are an aesthetic problem but also a sign of dehydration. That’s why it happens and what are the remedies. Cracked heels are a very common aesthetic problem and difficult to hide, especially between spring and summer when, in the heat, your feet leave the closed shoes to come


Insomnia There are one or two things in life which are certain and unavoidable, one of those things is that we all need to sleep in order to be able to function properly.  It is a fact that you can survive three times as long without food as you can

Insomnia: Lack Of Sleep a Public Health Epidemic

If you are always tired, can’t sleep, or suffer from insomnia symptoms, your problems sleeping may be part of a public health epidemic according to the Center for Disease Control. Lack of sleep has been linked to motor vehicle crashes, industrial disasters and medical and other occupational errors. People with

7 Tips for Improving Poor Foot Circulation

Inadequate 12 inches stream is a problem confronted by a growing number of people today particularly the aging adults. The original symptoms of stream problems such as cold foot might appear to be a small bother but they are a precursor to additional harmful and deadly issues in case the

What are the best natural relaxants

The most effective natural relaxants found in certain plants, discover them here with their disadvantages is also good to know. What are soothing natural? By relaxing natural we refer to plants that have sedative effects states of nervousness, anxiety or stress. They also help to sleep because it is more

Are Your Teens Getting The Sleep They Need?

With school, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, and part-time jobs filling every minute of their waking hours, many teenagers are just not getting the sleep they need. And the reality of this disturbing trend is nothing short of hazardous. Insufficient sleep can lead to emotional problems, anxiety, mood swings, and even

Find The Top Plastic Surgeon to Perform Rhinoplasty in NJ

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is rhinoplasty. Why? Yes, people have issues with the look of their face but it really comes down to the simplicity of the entire surgery. It’s fairly easy on the patient – you’re in and out within a few hours. However, that