Treating Acne In Men

Treating Acne In Men

Quite contrary to what many folks think, acne isn’t just limited to females. In fact, the problem affects males too. While acne remedy remains nearly the same in both the genders, there are particular things that men should keep in mind when nursing acne. These are a selection of them.

Sexual performance anxiety: how to feel less anxiety

sexual performance anxiety

Demonstrating a good sexual performance anxiety is one of the main objectives when having sex, but what happens when this task is harmed by psychological factors, considering that the sexual act is primarily a mental fact? The sexual performance anxiety is a clinical picture that is characterized by the high

Be Smart, Get Tested

You might think you’d know straight away if you had a sexually transmitted infection. However, many people have no symptoms, feel fine and would have no idea they have contracted an infection. If you are sexually active then it’s worth getting tested, whether or not you feel any symptoms. The