Weeks of Pregnancy

In the weeks of pregnancy from the first day that you confirm these pregnant. There are many signs and changes that will take place during this time in your body as a woman, with a weekly development that normally if not a premature baby lasts over 9 months. Having finished with fertility tests and pregnancyRead More

Acupuncture in pregnancy: Benefits and tips

Numerous ancient origins: the Eastern disciplines that can give a wellness in mind and physical are becoming more common. While these disciplines can be practiced at any time of life, they will turn out perfect even during pregnancy, proving able to alleviate some of the artifacts found in nine months. Then we talk about acupunctureRead More

Music therapy during pregnancy to relax and talk to the baby

For several years, many facilities also offer expectant mothers prenatal courses of music therapy during pregnancy. For pregnant women, in fact, music can be a tool through which to relax, achieve psychological well-being feelings and talk with the child she is carrying. Therefore, in addition to a traditional prenatal course, it can be interesting toRead More