Keep active after your retirement

Reaching retirement is an exciting milestone, especially if you have worked hard for most of your life. It’s refreshing to sit back and relax for once. What happens though if you find yourself relaxing too much? Sitting on your sofa watching television all day is bad for your mental and physical health – it won’tRead More

Wearing me down

If you have suffered from bruxism then you’ll know just how uncomfortable it can be and what a negative impact it has on your daily life. For those who don’t know, bruxism is the medical term for grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw. Regular, persistent grinding can cause jaw pain and wear down yourRead More

Shop floor layout ideas

Carefully considering your store layout can increase revenue by boosting efficiency, organisation and strategically directing your customers towards higher-priority products. You also need to consider the type of flooring that you are going ot use., Small independent shops may go for Wood Flooring, whereas larger supermarkets tend to stick with lino style flooring tiles thatRead More

Visiting the Cathedral in the City of Gloucester

The beautiful historic Gloucester Cathedral lies within the grounds of the former Cathedral Church of St Peter in College Green.  It stands tall and proud in the north of the City and its origins date back to 678/9 when the foundations were laid and dedicated to St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Parents of many small, pre-school children have heard that question many times since our television services brought us specialised programmes for their children.  Sitting comfortably together on armchairs, sofas and cushions scattered on the floor, parents and youngsters enjoyed countless stories, partook in drawing and making activities, learnt about animals, sang simple songs and spentRead More

Keep warm and save

When the winter comes, concerns over rising fuel bills can reduce your festive spirit. Instead of following people around turning off the lights and heating, we can use some smart energy saving ideas and relax in the knowledge that you can live comfortably and save some money too. Image credit Many people do not fullyRead More

A brief history of the dining table

It has been often said that modern design owes much of its success to the trends that preceded them, and furniture is no exception. The history of dining tables goes all the way back to early Greek and Roman civilizations who were well-known for their love of banqueting. With this in mind, it is notRead More

Styling tips for age defying looks

With fashion trends changing by the season, it can be tough for women of a certain age to know what styles they can get away with; however, the truth is that being authentic in your style does not have to mean following the latest craze. By sticking to a few simple style tips, you canRead More

Find Fulfillment as a Support Coordinator

There are many different jobs you can get into for a fulfilling career and working for a support coordination agency is just one option. These agencies help people with disabilities, and their families, find the support that they need from various government and private programs. If you have a college degree in a field relatedRead More